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Fourteen year old Romelda Bolt lives at a time when a woman is a man’s property. Her parents, promised wealth by a local lord three times her age, marry her off. A brutal and bullying relationship is born.
Romelda’s life will change the course of history in her village. Can she and her pet raven change the family’s future too?

A novella of approximately 40,000 words.

Published on January 6th 2014 by Hilltop Press.

Some reviews of Ravenfold - 

This debut novel described as medieval noir held me captive alongside it's young heroine Romelda. Rarely have I enjoyed a book so much.
The depth of historical detail, underpinning wisdom and down to earth speech tinged at times with humour brought both the story and characters to life, and as it transported me back in time I lost myself in the way only the reader of a `ripping good yarn' can.  Harasrrek - Amazon.

A melancholy and wretched account of real life during that age, the story is nevertheless beautifully written and extremely well-crafted. The characters are strong and believable, the dialog flows expertly, and the descriptions are amazing. The author has obviously studied the time period and has not struck a single false note. Highly recommended - historical fiction at its best. Brilliant job, Ms. Middleton! - Mountainmama - Amazon.
Think of Pillars of the Earth or Game of Thrones and you're more or less in the right era and have the right atmosphere for Ravensfold. This is a cleverly conceived and well executed short story that explores the life of a family who marry off their young daughter, Romelda, for the chance of land and power. What happens to Romelda is quite shocking, but what the family endures is equally horrid - until we reach the beautifully constructed end.
Kath Middleton's writing is very well matched to the subject and her obvious knowledge of the past and the way in which people lived back then is excellent and adds a good slice of authenticity to the story.
This is a very enjoyable tale told in a stark yet gentle fashion, and has a strong theme and great characters. Highly recommended. Andy Barrett - Amazon.
Romelda, the heroine, is effectively sold off in a deal that turns out to be not what it seems. Tragedy ensues, but from that, the author skilfully builds hope and resolution. The writing is precise, technically excellent and seems to me as authentic for the period. The author can certainly tell a story and isn't afraid to shy away from painting gruesome details. She bravely writes objectively and without ever coming close to sentimentality. This could have fallen flat, but it does work and she still manages to make several passages heartbreaking without overdoing it.

Full of shades of dark and light, this book was a pleasure to read and it establishes the author as a fully competent indie writer. The story contains plenty of hard-hitting description that is offset by more tender moments and even humour. Jonathan Hill - Goodreads

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